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  • The One Day course

    We realize that not everybody can attend a full fly out weekend. With this one day course, we've packaged together the absolute best of the survival training we've been providing on our Mountain Flying Adventure and our San Juan Adventure. Spend a day with us. You'll attend morning lectures, enjoy a great lunch, and get an afternoon full of workshops.

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    Morning Lectures


    0900 - 1200 Interactive lectures on critical flight considerations, flight planning, rescue communication technology. As a part of this course you'll receive a TFP survival kit. We'll spend some of the morning going through that kit so that fully understand what's in there before we head out to the workshops.

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    Lunch Provided

    Picnic Lunch

    1200 - 1300 Take a break and enjoy a deli sandwich or something off the grill. Our picnic will take place on the shore of the Bay looking toward San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. This is a great chance to sit and discuss some of the morning talks.

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    Afternoon Workshops

    Life Raft Deployment, Signal Mirrors, and Fire Starting

    1200 - 1745 In the afternoon, head outdoors for a full afternoon of workshops. This is where the real fun starts! We will focus on fire starting, signal mirrors and the life raft deployment. You will have a chance to get in the protected water just outside the Berkeley harbor and experience what it might be like to deploy, retrieve and enter an actual life raft. We use the best life rafts available and are fortunate to have rafts provided by Winslow. If you plan on jumping in, bring a bathing suit and a towel. There are showers available.

    • You know you should pack a survival kit, but do you know what take? What works and what doesn’t? We'll cover that.
    • You fly with an ELT, but do you know what other rescue technology could offer you additional safety and security in the event of a forced landing? We'll cover that too.
    • You think you could build a fire, but would you know how in a cold, windy, damp environment, as night is falling? For sure? We guarantee it. After this class you'll be able to start a fire in the rain.
    • You know cold can kill, but do you know what you can do to improve your chances for surviving cold water immersion? We'll tell you. 

    Morning Program


    0900 - 0915

    Welcome and Introduction


    0915 - 1000

    Critical Flight Considerations for Remote, Mountainous and Open Water flights


    1000 - 1030

    Staying Found:

    Flight Plans - Do’s and Dont’s


    1030 -1045



    1045 - 1100

    Staying Found:

    Modern Rescue Communication &

    Flight Tracking for the Adventure Pilot


    1100 - 1200

    Spending The Unexpected Night Out: What you NEED to know / Emergency Safety Survival Equipment / Cold Weather/Mountain Survival Equipment

    Afternoon program


    1200 - 1300

    LUNCH (Provided)


    0100 - 0130

    How to crash an airplane


    1330 - 1400

    How to Ditch an Airplane


    1400 - 1445

    Survival Workshop: Signaling / Fire Building


    1445 - 1515

    Intro to Aviation Life Rafts & Ocean Survival Gear


    1515 - 1600

    Life Raft Deployment


    1600 - 1630

    Hypothermia and Immersion hypothermia


    1630 - 1700

    Engine Management / Contingency Planning


    1700 - 1715

    Q and A


    1715 - 1730

    Summation and Closing Remarks

  • Details

    November 3, 2018


    1 Spinnaker Way, Berkeley, CA 94710


    Facility is equipped for lectures indoors, life raft deployment in protected harbor

    Fly into KOAK and UBER up to the marina (about 20 minutes)

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    $450 for the day ($100 deposit)

    Included in Course Registration

    • Finer Points Survival Kit
    • Course syllabus
    • Lunch
    • Interactive workshop's
    • Panel discussions
    • Course completion certificate