• Canyons of the Southwest

    2024 Sep 26, 27, 28, 29


    Breathtaking scenery.

    Moab, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Desert Survival



    In this course, you will fly normal-category airplanes in remote environments while learning

    how to safely fly canyons, operate at high-density altitudes, establish safe contingency

    plans, and develop potentially life-saving survival skills.


    Your backdrop will be the spectacular and immense Colorado Plateau where you will be

    introduced to its geomorphology, natural history, and intriguing human history.

    This adventure training experience includes sessions on post-crash survival and intensive

    survival training focusing on spending the unexpected night out in remote backcountry

    environments. You'll learn the nuances of modern rescue communication technology and

    hone up on critical aspects of backcountry flight planning and rescue.


     To add to all of this, the course includes an evening lecture on the visual waypoints and

    “can’t miss” features by a local pilot scientist who has spent his career flying these



  • Itinerary

    The real highlight of this adventure training flying course is the chance to experience the

    stunning Monument Valley and Colorado Plateau scenery up close and personal. Imagine

    soaring over the iconic rock formations, witnessing the beauty of the area from the air.

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    Day 1

    Fly Out and Meet Up

    Meet at Goulding's Lodge|Monument Valley for our late afternoon meet-up, check in to our villas, and enjoy dinner together. Plan to arrive by 4 pm.

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    Day 2


    Survival lectures with Howard Donner, Peter Lert, Eric Cope, and Jason Miller. After a pre-flight we fly the Grand Canyon before returning for dinner. Following dinner we hear from resident aerial archeologist, Jody Patterson in preparation for our flight on Saturday.

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    Day 3


    On Saturday we fly north toward the Green River for some low-altitude canyon flying. Low passes at Mineral Canyon and flights to find some of the archeological sites described by Jody the night before. This day ends with a beautiful cookout under the stars!

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    Day 4

    Wrap up, Certificates

    Breakfast and then a morning departure on Sunday.

  • “I came back a better pilot than I left, without question. I signed up for the trip to learn about flying in a new environment, to gain the skills and familiarity to safely operate in high terrain at high density altitude. I got what I expected, but quite a bit more. Flying all day for three straight days, working with excellent, experienced instructors; my attitude toward flying grew and matured. I came back more capable and more confident.”


    Thomas Byrne

  • A Truly Unique Experience

    The purpose of these clinics is to teach an understanding of desert meteorology, high altitude operations, desert, and survival preparedness.


    We believe that by immersing you in the environment and surrounding you with decades of experience, you will learn as much as absolutely possible about the art and science of flying in the mountains safely. We believe an emphasis on survival planning is an important factor in your education if you plan to fly in mountainous terrain.

    The course fee includes sessions by some of the world's top lecturers on the following topics:

    • High-density altitude operations
    • Desert physiology
    • Desert meteorology
    • Flying canyons
    • Unimproved field operations
    • ELTs, PLBs, and other tracking devices
    • What's important in a desert survival kit
    • Post-crash survival
    • Harvesting the airplane
  • Pricing

    Whether you join us in your own plane or rent one of ours, we will help pair you with an instructor to tailor the weekend to your needs.

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    Airplane Owners

    Fly with us in your aircraft. We help partner you with an experienced mountain flying instructor.

    If you own an airplane, we will connect you with an experienced dedicated instructor for your airplane to train you in canyon flying in your own aircraft.

    Kids 12 and under free with owners.


    $4950 Course fee

    $2000 Instructor fee


    Non flying guests $1250

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    Fly with us in a rented aircraft. We help pair you with an experienced flight instructor.

    Let us take care of everything.


    $4950 Course fee + aircraft rental

    $2000 Instructor fee


    Non flying guests $1250


  • “I stretched my skills during the weekend, and met lots of great people - I am a safer pilot because of what I learned!”

    Alyce Gershenson