• Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get a private room?

    If you are coming as a couple we will do our best to get you into a private room, so sign up first and let us know you're a couple! Each location is a bit different. On the canyons tip, we can guarantee it that everybody gets a private room but on the others, it's a first-come, first-served basis. The mountain trip is a camping trip because that's a big part of the education. The island trip uses bunk-style dormitories, if you are coming alone you will be put into one of these bunkhouse dorms (multiple bunks in each) which is a whole different kind of fun.

    How much flying time do I get?

    If you are renting with us, you can expect to get about 8-12 hours of P.I.C time where on the mountain trip you can expect 6-8 hours of P.I.C time. All the trips start in San Carlos so on the Canyons and Island trips you get more flying time than on the Mountain trip because the destinations are further away. Once on location, it's all about the same, the airplanes fly from 10-15 hours and you can expect to split that time with another client. If you are a private owner you can expect to fly approximately 10 - 20 hours.

    What is included for guests?

    Guests get everything that the pilots get except for survival kits and airplane time. Each trip is a little different but there is always something fun for the guests to do. A huge part of the value of these trips is the lectures and personalities that we bring. Guests can attend all the lectures, the signal mirror exercises, the fire-starting workshops, life raft deployment. Guests have access to the food and beverages and the accommodations are included. On the Island Trip guests can walk into town for sight-seeing and shopping. The Mountain Trip is the most rugged and the least conducive to bringing guests. The Canyon Trip is beautiful. There is hiking and perhaps the most luxurious accommodations of any of the trips. We've found that most guests find the survival training portion of the trip fascinating and enjoy being a part of the group.

    Do guests get to fly with us?

    If you’re a private owner and the weight and balance work, your guest is welcome to fly with you. However, if you’re a renter it may not be possible. We have a CFI and one other renter in the airplane; your guest would most likely have to remain at basecamp. Please keep in mind that we often have multiple guests on any given trip, the cooking staff, and some ground operations, people. So we don’t think your guest would be lonely for a lack of company.

    Are there showers / a place to charge phones?

    Yes, on all the trips there are showers and places to charge your phones. The Mountain trip is the only one that is a camping trip, but even in that case, we have a small base camp with a shower house and electricity. That’s where our chef sets up for food service and the glider operations has a small base. For the Island trip we rent out an entire property with multiple buildings, a whirlpool, and a sauna. It’s a whole house property and all indoors with electricity and running water. The Canyons trip is similar.