• Mountain Flying Adventure

    2018 June 22, 23, 24


    Mountain Passes, Survival Training, Expert Lectures

  • A Truly Unique Experience

    The purpose of these clinics is to teach an understanding of mountain meteorology, high altitude operations, high altitude physiology, and survival preparedness.


    We believe that by immersing you in the environment and surrounding you with decades of experience, you will learn as much as absolutely possible about the art and science of flying in the mountains safely. We believe an emphasis on survival planning is an important factor of your education if you plan to fly in mountainous terrain.

    The course fee includes sessions by some of the world's top lecturers on the following topics:

    • High density altitude operations
    • High altitude physiology
    • Mountain meteorology
    • Flying mountain passes
    • Unimproved field operations
    • ELTs, PLBs, and other tracking devices
    • What's important in a survival kit
    • Post crash survival
    • Harvesting the airplane

    We will be operating at many mountain airports, such as:

    KTRK, KTVL, O22, M45, KBIH, O24, O79

    Suggested Packing List

    • Tent
    • Sleeping pad
    • Sleeping bag (2 if able, unless bag rated for 20F and using a sleeping pad)
    • 1-2 Canteen or water bottle
    • 4 pairs of socks
    • 3-4 T-shirts
    • 1-2 pair of shorts
    • 1-2 pairs of long pants
    • 1 comfortable outfit (sweat pants, long underwear, flannel, etc. for campground)
    • Towel
    • Sandals or slippers
    • Shoes good for flying and light hiking
    • Toiletries
  • Weekend Adventure Trip

    We provide the learning environment

    for you to get the most out of

    your weekend adventure in the mountains:

    • Camping arrangements
    • Custom TFP survival kit
    • Gourmet food by BIOBIO Expeditions
    • Saturday workshops / Survival hike
    • Lectures by Jason Miller and Dr. Howard Donner

    Aircraft Rental All Inclusive $4950

    Let us take care of everything. You will have a spot in a late model G1000 Cessna 182s (expect around 4-6 hours of PIC time) and one 30 minute glider flight. There are no hidden costs here. We provide airplane, instructor and fuel.


    Aircraft Owners $2750

    If you own an airplane, we will provide an experienced dedicated instructor for your airplane to train you flying the mountains in your own aircraft. (Kids 12 and under free with owners.)


    Survival Training / Limited Flight Option $1250

    A huge part of the value on these trips is the survival training. On this mountain adventure we will teach how to spend the unexpected night out. Come join us, attend the lectures, workshops, camp with us, eat with us, enjoy the excellent staff and amazing ground training. You will leave with a custom TFP survival kit and get a chance to experience a "dead stick" landing in a glider.

  • Itinerary

    This course is designed to build confidence flying normal category

    airplanes in and out of high altitude airports.

    You will learn how to fly mountain passes, operate in high density altitudes,

    contingency planning, and survival skills.


    Join us this summer as we explore the passes.

    We'll be departing and landing at various mountain airports,

    flying over rugged and remote terrain,

    and learning about high altitude operations.

    Day 1

    San Carlos to Truckee, CA


    1000 Meet at San Carlos Flight Center to brief the 2 hour flight to the Lake Tahoe area

    1200 Touring the lake, Desolation Wilderness area, Squaw Valley and landing KTRK

    1230 Set up camp / Lunch

    1300 Lectures and Discussions on the following topics:

    • The Mountain Environment
    • High Density Altitude Operations
    • High Altitude Physiology
    • Flying Mountain Passes
    • Spending the UNEXPECTED night out 

    1530 Evening pattern work at KTRK

    1900 Dinner

    2030 Wheels down for the night

    Day 2

    Truckee and Sierra Mtns


    0630 Breakfast

    0730 Preflight Briefing

    0800 Wheels up for a morning of mountain passes and an afternoon of mountain strips. To include:

    • Carson Pass
    • Ebbets Pass
    • Sonora Pass
    • Buckeye Pass
    • Tioga Pass

    1200 Lunch at KBIH

    1400 Depart for Mono Lake, Alpine Co, Sierraville, and back to base camp KTRK

    1830 Dinner

    Day 3

    Truckee to San Carlos, California


    0800 Breakfast

    0830 Soar Truckee presents:

    • Forced Landings for Powered Pilots
    • Mountain Meteorology
    • Flying Off the Ridge

    0900 Glider flights

    1200 Depart for KSQL

    1400 Arrive at San Carlos Flight Center

    1430 Issue completion certificates

  • “I came back a better pilot than I left, without question. I signed up for the trip to learn about flying in a new environment, to gain the skills and familiarity to safely operate in high terrain at high density altitude. I got what I expected, but quite a bit more. Flying all day for three straight days, working with excellent, experienced instructors; my attitude toward flying grew and matured. I came back more capable and more confident.”


    Thomas Byrne

  • “The Mountain Flying course put on by Jason and the team at The Finer Points is something every pilot should check out if he/she is serious about raising the level of their flying ability. I left the course with a newfound confidence in handling high altitude airstrips, mountain passes, weather phenomena, survival skills and the real life experience of taking off on a short strip under high density altitude conditions. Most importantly though, the course is FUN. As aviators we can’t ask for much more than than flying in a challenging and fun environment. That’s exactly what this course is all about.”


    Cuyler B

  • Mountain Adventure Video

    Videos from previous TFP Mountain Adventures courtesy of Flight Chops

    Take Off at 8,000 ft Density Altitude

    It's all about patience when trying to get off the ground with a high DA…

    Flying Ridges and Mountain Passes

    Good training and prep cuts risks

    Flying this close to jagged rocks is intimidating to say the least…

    Hypoxia Symptoms and Avoidance

    Mountain flying, NorCal ATC audio above 12,500 feet

    The insidious threat that is Hypoxia, affects everyone in a unique way…

    Birth of a HUGE Wild Fire

    California Mountain Flying

    Having an aerial view to witness how fast a wild fire can grow, was humbling.

    Survival after Forced Landing

    California Mountain Flying

    Living through a crash in the mountains is the least of your problems!


    Search & Rescue flight plans, PLBs

    Survival skills aren't much good, if no one can find you!

    Landing at 8,500ft Density Altitude

    Drinking from the Firehose!

    C182 Landing, G1000, high DA and NorCal

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