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    2016 Mountain Adventure Trip
  • A Trio Of Adventures: Mountains, Islands, Canyons

    Come explore with us this summer!

    Sierra Nevada Mountains

    June 23-25: 1 spot left!
    July 28-30
    August 25-27

    This course is designed to build confidence flying normal category airplanes in and out of high altitude airports. You will learn how to fly mountain passes, operate in high density altitudes, contingency planning, and survival skills.


    Join us in June as we explore the passes, departing and landing at various mountain airports, high altitude operations.


    Learn more about our Sierra Nevada Mountains trip.

    San Juan Islands

    August 11, 12, 13

    This trip has you camping on the shores of the San Juan islands, learning survival skills, navigating island geography, and flying across international borders.


    Learn emergency water landing survival and safety skills, border crossing procedures, explore the beautiful islands in the Pacific Northwest.


    Learn more about our San Juan Islands trip.

    Canyons of the Southwest

    Coming soon!

    Everybody wants to land on a dirt runway. In this course you will fly normal category airplanes in remote environments an into unimproved fields.


    You will learn to safely fly canyons, operate in high density altitudes, establish safe contingency planning, and basic survival skills.


    Journey around the desert and canyon lands of the Southwest.


    Learn more about our Canyons of the Southwest trip.

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Mountains, June 2017