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    We take pride in providing the perfect instructor to suit your needs. Over 20 years we have developed relationships with some of the industry's best CFI's. Below are a few of our regulars ...

    Jason Miller, CFII

    Chief Flight Instructor

    Jason Miller, host of The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast, has distributed more than 3 million flight training tips to pilots all over the world. He is an instructor for the FAA and AOPA's Air Safety Institute. He brings thousands of hours of experience and a clear and concise style to his teaching. He has led flying trips through the mountains of Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington.

    Howard Donner, MD, CFI

    Expedition Physician

    Dr. Howard Donner has been featured in two NOVA documentaries, including "Deadly Ascent" which chronicles mountain medicine and research on 20,320-foot Denali (Mt. McKinley). He spent three climbing seasons as a rescue doctor for the National Park Service at the 14,000-foot medical/rescue station on Denali. Howard also served for five years as a medical operations consultant for NASA, where he was involved in the design of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station medical systems.

    Justin Phillipson

    Flight Instructor

    Justin Phillipson has been flying the Sierras for over 13 years and is no stranger to the challenging airports we have right in our backyard. Learning to fly in a tired 172 at Stead Field, Nevada taught him that density altitude and reduced performance is more than a whiteboard discussion. A few years later as an instructor in Chico he used all the foothill airports from Columbia to Lake Almanor and Quincy as great training airport for his students in his C-152. Owning a 85hp Cessna 120 and frequently taking it to the other side of the Sierras he stresses the importance of flying smart and without excessive power.

    Adam Kelly

    FAA Certified Gold Seal Flight Instructor

    Adam has been in love with aviation since he was a child, and comes from a family of accomplished aviators. He earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 2009 and in 2012 started pursuing aviation full time. He received his Commercial Pilot Certificate in 2012 and Certified Flight Instructor Rating in 2013. Now he no longer works a day in his life. Adam has conducted training from Yellowstone to Sedona and many points in between.

    Sarah Halas

    Flight Instructor

    Sarah Halas is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), multi-engine instrument flight instructor (MEII), and experienced backcountry ski guide. She has been awarded a Gold Seal by the Federal Aviation Administration for teaching flying to an exceptional level. Having flown for a charter service, air ambulance, and the membership airline Surf Air, Sarah returned to flight instructing full time in 2013. Her mountain flying courses are informed by years of exploring the mountains on land and in the air.


    Geoff Rapoport

    Flight Instructor

    Geoff Rapoport is a CFII teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area and the editor of The Finer Points Dispatch. Before becoming a full-time flight instructor, Geoff worked as a mechanical engineer building scientific instruments and as a lawyer for venture capital firms. His experience as an engineer and lawyer are critical to Geoff's unique approach to flight instruction, where he loves to get into the details of the physics and regulatory finer points of flying.

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